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William DuVall and Randy DuTeau of Neon Christ, Part II

In part 2 of our conversation, William DuVall and Randy DuTeau of Neon Christ talk about the band’s 1984 tour, the evolution of the band's sound, the release of "1984," and the Record Store Day show in Little Five Points.

William DuVall and Randy DuTeau of Neon Christ, Part I

William DuVall and Randy DuTeau of Neon Christ talk about how they discovered punk, their first bands, the formation of Neon Christ, the band’s first show, their early sound, and hardcore’s DIY ethos in part one of our conversation.

A Conversation with Upchuck

The band Upchuck joins host Randy Gue and music writer Chad Radford for a conversation about their new 7” record, the band’s social media philosophy, and Atlanta punk.

Gary M. Pomerantz

A conversation with author Gary M. Pomerantz celebrating the 25th anniversary of the publication of his book Where Peachtree Meets Sweet Auburn, a landmark history of Atlanta.

A Conversation with Alli Royce Soble and Jon Arge

Atlanta photographers and artists Alli Royce Soble and Jon Arge discuss the library’s online exhibition “Our Archive Could Be Your Life,” which features their work. The exhibit highlights how the unique and joyful photographic record of Queer Atlanta they created in the 1990s.

Noe Martinez and Bill Taft

A conversation about learning, reading, writing, and creating while incarcerated with artist, author, and designer, Noe Martinez, and Bill Taft, Academic Director of Common Good Atlanta.

Jon Arge

Artist and photographer, Jon Arge talks about his artwork, the 6,000 Polaroids in his collection, the city’s nightlife, and “The American Music Show”. The Rose Library is delighted to be the home of the Jon Arge photographs.

Marianna Kaufman and Karate for Women Atlanta

Atlanta martial artist Marianna Kaufman talks about Karate for Women, a local organization she founded in the 1970s to teach women and girls martial arts and self-defense. The Rose Library is proud to be the home of the Karate for Women records.

Walter Brown Reeves and Neighbor's Network

Did you know Atlanta was an important crossroads for local, national, and international hate groups in the 1980s and 1990s? Join me for a conversation with Walter Brown Reeves about Neighbor's Network, a local community-based organization dedicated to countering this hate group activity in Atlanta and Georgia. The records of Neighbor's Network are part of the Rose Library's holdings that document the history of the city.

Atlanta's Underground Music Scene

Join us as we discuss Chad Radford's escape from the Midwest, Atlanta's underground music scene, "Southern" hardcore, and two contenders for Atlanta's album of the year.